Rising Above Humble Beginnings

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The following was not written by me, but is the work of my sister. It was written to be presented at my father's funeral which will take place in a few weeks. I share this not to brag, or attempt to draw attention to “look what a great man my…

What is it? Does it work? What can we learn from it?

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Hypermiling: the use of fuel-saving techniques (such as lower speeds and frequent coasting) to maximize a vehicle’s fuel mileage. Merriam Webster

That’s the simple definition, but those who are serious about it will talk in much more specific terms about steps you can take to improve your miles per gallon…

Productivity is a result of sharper tools…. not more work

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As a small business owner, it can be tempting to focus on “income-producing” activities to a fault….to a point where ALL other activity is considered a waste of time. Here’s the thing though, in business, sometimes activities that do not produce income today have the potential to increase your income-producing…

They Say It Takes Money To Make Money…But Where Does That Money Come From?

I’m in the process of developing and growing income streams in addition to my full-time job. One of these income streams involves taking my gardening hobby to the level of something that resembles a small independent farm. I am concentrating for now on producing enough food to significantly reduce our…

Today Was A Big Day For My Grandson

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My grandson Sebastian started pre-school this week. Yesterday we went to meet the teacher and today was his first day in class. He’s been looking forward to starting school for a few months now. He’s been excited about making friends and learning new things.

Even though he’s been very excited…

Joe Thomas

At 54 years old I've seen a lot of life. I've raised four kids and now I'm spending time with grandkids. I'm a mariner by trade but a writer at heart.

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