Time may be a finite commodity, but you may have more of it left than you think

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Does anyone know where the love of God goes
When the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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“If it’s done well with less, then use that”… B.B. King

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Getting My But Kicked By People half My Age And Loving Every Minute of It

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Can doing pushups really save lives? I don’t know, but I tried.

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But That Won’t Stop Me From Trying

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They didn’t have those when I was a kid

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

That’s significant for me

Photo by Jonatán Becerra on Unsplash

And Interesting Ways To Discover It

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Joe Thomas

At 54 years old I've seen a lot of life. I've raised four kids and now I'm spending time with grandkids. I'm a mariner by trade but a writer at heart.

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