Disc Golf Is Quality Time With My Sons And My Grandson

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Recently I’ve taken up a new hobby — disc golf. It’s just like real golf, except you throw a disc (like a frisbee, but not). The course is laid out similar to a golf course but shorter and the game is scored the same way. People who are serious about the game, like my sons, carry a bag of about a dozen discs. Just like golf clubs, each disc serves a different purpose. …

Getting My But Kicked By People half My Age And Loving Every Minute of It

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I had tried it before, but I started doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seriously and regularly in my early forties. At that age, I know I was a little slower and not as strong as some of my teammates in their twenties and early thirties. Honestly, though, the difference in athletic ability was barely perceptible to me then. I really felt like, at most, I was a half step behind… and that was only sometimes.

If you’re not familiar with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (commonly referred to as BJJ) it is a sport/martial art with the main focus on grappling. Your goal…

Can doing pushups really save lives? I don’t know, but I tried.

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First, the back story. I’ve been following the organization Mission 22 for a little over a year now. They work to help raise money and awareness in an effort to prevent veteran suicides. On average 22 US vets take their own lives every day.

Here’s how I got involved: Fourteen months ago my 20 year old daughter was at her boyfriend Cody’s house. They had been arguing. Cody walked into the dining room where she was, sat down at the table, and shot himself in the head. …

But That Won’t Stop Me From Trying

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In 2020 I started getting the feeling that life was getting a little out of control. I won’t bore you with all the details, but basically, on two fronts, I felt I was spinning my wheels at best. I felt like every time I made a little progress, I encountered a setback. Always two steps forward and two steps back, never getting closer to the goal.

I was frustrated with a lack of financial progress. I will be retired within 15 years (I would like it to be within 10) and it was becoming harder and harder to see how…

They didn’t have those when I was a kid

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My granddaughter Emma is five and she just graduated from preschool. It was a beautiful ceremony. The theme was simply Our Future Looks Bright. The graduates marched in and took their seats. Their teacher gave the commencement speech. The children recited the Pledge of Allegiance (we live in Texas) and then the children sang a few songs before receiving their diplomas.

My granddaughter was beaming as she received her diploma and awards. Her mom was there, her uncle, her cousin and both sets of grandparents. I know it’s only a preschool graduation, but to her, it was a big deal.

That’s significant for me

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Fourteen months ago, our lives were touched by the suicide of someone who was very close and important to our family. The days and weeks following were more painful than words can express.

Many of you have also been through tragedy and hardship on a similar level. You can relate to the experience of feeling like everything is fine one minute and then a minute later being overcome with grief. Many of you can relate to the sense of guilt for things that you said….or, in my case, things that you didn’t say.

If you’ve been through something similar you’re…

And Interesting Ways To Discover It

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I have a dream of one day hosting a music podcast. My idea would be this — put together a playlist on Spotify and then discuss those songs on the podcast and share the playlist with anyone who listens.

This idea is inspired by the Rock and/or Roll Podcast hosted by Brian Kramp. http://rockandorrollpodcast.blogspot.com/

My first idea for putting a unique playlist together was to pick songs only by bands with place names. Bands like Chicago, Boston, and Europe. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any bands so I did multiple google searches for bands with place names…

While The Big Events Matter: It’s What Happens In Between That Really Counts.

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If you look at the pictures on the walls of peoples homes, you would assume that it’s the big events that matter. You may see pictures that commemorate the birth of a child, that child’s first steps, the year they won the science fair competition, etc. You may see wedding pictures and graduation pictures. You may see pictures with family and friends on epic vacations. But when your children are grown and on their own, when you are into your 30th year of marriage, or when your grandchildren are approaching high school: Is it those big moments that define your…

At Least Not Yet…

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My four year old grandson Sebastian has never flipped me off. Why is that significant? Well apparently not all grandparents can say that. My coworker told me this morning that she had scolded her grandson this weekend and when she turned to go back in the house her husband saw the boy shoot Nana the bird. Where do they learn that from? Needless to say a conversation was had.

Sebastian hasn’t flipped Mimi or Paw Paw off (yet) but you know what he has done? He’s gotten extremely bossy. He’s decided he is large and in charge. He’s learning that…

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According to experts like Mary L. Gavin, MD in her article, Encouraging Your Child’s Sense of Humor, on Kidshealth.org having a sense of humor and understanding comedy is crucial for children's development. Here are some of the benefits Dr. Gavin cites:

A good sense of humor is a tool that kids can rely on throughout life to help them:

  • see things from many perspectives other than the most obvious
  • be spontaneous
  • grasp unconventional ideas or ways of thinking
  • see beyond the surface of things
  • enjoy and participate in the playful aspects of life
  • not take themselves too seriously

I got…

Joe Thomas

At 54 years old I've seen a lot of life. I've raised four kids and now I'm spending time with grandkids. I'm a mariner by trade but a writer at heart.

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